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Choose from our 9 Oversized Gourmet Cookies - make your own box! All assortments will be packaged for Mother's Day with decoration stickers.

Each cookie weighs between 6-8 ounces! 

Flavor Descriptions


Our signature cookie combines three different types of Ghirardelli’s chocolate chips with a luxurious vanilla bean cookie dough. Finished with a sprinkle of sea salt, each batch is perfectly balanced - as every good relationCHIP should be.

A colorful celebration of sprinkles and vanilla bean dough come together to form this sensational sugar cookie. Nilla Wafers are added to give it a distinct cake-like flavor and for the grand finale - we edge the whole thing in more sprinkles to give it the flawless finish you deserve.

This tasty mash-up of Oreo hunks and heath pieces is a real crowd-pleaser. We combine two types of chocolate chips for double the pleasure. One bite and you’ll understand how this cookie got its name.

Secret’s out -- to produce our pure chocolate cookie we use a combination of the highest quality cocoa powder and a delectable dark chocolate ganache! Semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips round out this cookie for the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Our vanilla bean dough is laced with Ghirardelli’s milk chocolate chips and stuffed with marshmallow and chocolate ganache. We top it with graham cracker pieces and toasted marshmallows for the ultimate s’mores experience. 

Golden Oreos collide with our funfetti vanilla bean dough to create the ultimate celebration cookie. Dotted with Ghirardelli's white chocolate chips and stuffed with a thin layer of Italian meringue buttercream - all that's missing is the candle. Go ahead....cake my day.

Move over jelly, peanut butter's new obsession is our delectable Ghirardelli's chocolate chunks. Our creamy, dreamy peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookie combination is one you won’t want to share -- so make sure to grab two!

Stuck in the middle of your work week, your daily grind, your family, or anything else? We’ve got you covered. Designed to transport you out of any dicey situation, this cookie combines pistachio pieces and white chocolate chips with halva. It’s the sweet escape you’ve been craving.