My Baking Journey

My Baking Journey

My grandmother was an amazing woman who brought an abundance of love and light into my life. When she passed away I was devastated and wanted a way to keep her memory alive. I knew baking was her greatest passion (outside of her family) and one of the many ways she expressed her affection. As a result, baking became my outlet, and allowed me to still feel close to her.

As time went on, my passion for baking emerged from this cathartic experience. While it remained firmly fixed as a hobby, baking was a constant in my life. It was with me as I got married, as I studied for (and passed) the bar, and as I celebrated my children’s first birthdays. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I realized I would never be truly fulfilled if baking remained in the background. Simmi’s started as a dream that we are now making a reality.

I am so thankful to have the opportunity and ability to start this bakery with my husband. We named it after my grandmother (Simone - aka Simmi) because we hope to be a beacon of love and light - just as she was. Wherever you may be, when you eat a Simmi’s Bakehouse cookie, we hope a little piece of you feels like you're home.


  • Just met them. Great people. And, Dark Secret ties Levain’s double chocolate. RelationChIp beats Levain!!! Excellent cookies. Great presentation. Will buy again.

    Jon faust on

  • Baking and special cookies taste like home sweet home……

    Liora Fisher on

  • Simmis cookies are some of the best tasting cookies we’ve ever had. We brought an assortment of cookies to a holiday party and they were a huge hit, everyone loved them.

    Eric on

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