Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

As we approach Thanksgiving and the close of 2022, we’re reminiscing about the past year - our first year in business. When we first started talking seriously about the possibility of a home-based bakery, we were nervous that it wouldn’t be sustainable. Luckily we opened in Parkland, a community that rallies around its small businesses and consistently offers encouragement and support.

We were so fortunate to meet so many of you through the Farmers’ Market, Food festivals, food truck pop-ups, home deliveries, and Bakehouse pickups. Interacting with you is by far our favorite part of the business, which is why our decision to not return to the Parkland Farmers’ market was so heartbreaking. Aside from not having the physical inventory to take every other week (still just Amit and I) the markets also unfortunately took a toll on our toddlers. The time commitments for the market took huge chunks of time away from the kids and we prioritized striking a better balance between our family at home and our family of smart cookies.

We are so honored that you’ve given Simmi’s Bakehouse a place at your table and we hope you’ll continue to do so in the future. Making your celebrations sweeter, your losses less bitter, and your appreciation more tangible is our greatest goal. Thank you for always being here for us, we hope you know how much your consistent support and words of encouragement mean. Likewise, we hope you know our door is always open for you - Welcome Home.

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