Let's Bake It Down

Let's Bake It Down

We are so excited to launch our newest flavor - "Hey Sugar." In celebration of our latest addition we thought we’d give you a peek behind our oven and bake-down how our cookie collection came to be:

RelationCHIP Goals - Before opening Simmi’s Bakehouse my husband and I were on a chocolate chip cookie kick. We ordered a lot (read - an unhealthy amount) and it was during this time we noticed a trend. All the cookies we tasted were just vehicles for chocolate chips. The dough fell flat and was nothing special when you finally did find some without chocolate. We developed our recipe with the dough at the forefront (hence our addition of real vanilla bean) while still cramming it full of chocolate - it is still a chocolate chip cookie after all.

OH Baby - The idea for this cookie originally started as an ice cream order (at a store that rhymes with Hold Phone). I wondered how Heath and Oreo would taste in a cookie and that’s how our Oh Baby was born.

In the Middle - My husband and Chief Taste Tester, Amit, is Israeli. I made this cookie as an homage to him and his childhood. I took familiar middle eastern flavors like halvah and pistachio and balanced their savory flavor profile with a pop of sweetness in the form of white chocolate chips.

Cerealously - I love cereal. I think it has such a phenomenal texture. Mixing my all-time favorite cereals together (Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, and Golden Grahams) while maintaining the crunch and integrity of the cereal on top of an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie proved to be a challenge. This cookie was tested 15 different ways before we finally arrived at the crunchy and colorful product you see today.

PB and Jealousy - I am not usually a fan of peanut butter desserts. Many times the peanut butter is either overwhelming or salty. My goal with this cookie was to create something subtle but delicious - a peanut butter cup in a cookie.

Dark Secret - I’ve had so many chocolate cookies that taste like cocoa powder. When I eat a chocolate cookie that’s exactly what I want - chocolate. Once I added dark chocolate ganache to the mix it really woke up the whole recipe and infused a true chocolate flavor. The trick (or secret) was balancing the ratio of ganache to cocoa powder, so that the end result wasn’t too gooey or too crumbly.   

Hey Sugar - Our newest creation is a celebration of sprinkles and our signature vanilla bean dough. This cookie is a fun and playful addition to our collection created intentionally without the heaviness of chocolate. We add Nilla Wafers to give it a distinct cake-like flavor and edge the whole thing in more sprinkles - because can there ever really be too many sprinkles!?!?

Whether this is your first time trying Simmi’s Bakehouse or your tenth time, we hope you know how much we appreciate your support.

Questions? Feel free to send us a text or chat with us on the website. Our door is always open for you - Welcome Home.

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