Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Simmi’s Bakehouse was born out of love, a lockdown, and the delicious twists and turns of life. I became a stay-at-home mom a few short months before the pandemic hit in 2020 and the world changed. I happily traded in billable hours and legal discovery issues for bibs and diapers. While in lockdown, I started baking more, and my dream of opening a bakery came into sharper focus. My days became hectic but fulfilling - divided between the Bakehouse and my babies. Countless hours were spent in the kitchen testing and tweaking our cookie recipes until six distinct and delicious flavors emerged. With the recipes secured, I turned to my husband for help on building out an actual business. 

Together we officially launched Simmi’s Bakehouse in December of 2021. We are so thankful for all the community and neighborly support we’ve received thus far. The positive response has been incredibly rewarding and validating. Parkland has our heart and we love living here. Creating these cookies has been a true labor of love, one we are thrilled to share with you. We hope wherever you may be, when you eat a Simmi’s Bakehouse cookie a little piece of you feels like you’ve come home.


  • I am obsessed with your cookies! Thank you for bringing your obsession to Parkland. See some “good” things did come out of the pandemic!

    Sue Peters on

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