The Butterfly

The Butterfly

An abundance of time and thought went into the design of the Simmi's Bakehouse logo. As a home-based bakery, we knew it was incredibly important to create a unique and meaningful image that best captured our story and spirit. For example, the rolling pin underneath the large "Simmi's" text that is stamped "Bakehouse" is a French rolling pin. This is a nod towards our inspiration, Simone ("Simmi") Bentolila, who was French and used that specific rolling pin in her own kitchen.

The two butterflies on either side of the logo have dual meanings. In our family, we believe that butterflies are sent to us in times of need. They serve as a reminder that we are not alone - that we are loved and cherished. We also believe that butterflies bring luck. Simmi was a real-life butterfly who brought levity and light everywhere she went. We placed one butterfly on our logo as a reminder of her, and we added the second one for a little luck.

With this in mind, we created new box inserts. These cards contain differently colored butterflies and are small enough to carry in a wallet. We hope you know that if you're ever in need of a butterfly, you can always find one at Simmi's. With luck and love - Welcome Home.

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