Hit Us With Your Zest Shot

Hit Us With Your Zest Shot


When coming up with new cookie flavors we always try to take into consideration the different ways we can mimic specific tastes without ruining texture. For example, when we were conceptualizing LemON Your Side, we discussed the three different options that would generate a lemon flavor profile - zest, juice, and extract. Each option has its own set of pros and cons.

⁃ Zest has a great natural flavor but requires a substantial amount to impart that flavor (additionally when zesting a lemon or other citrus you want to avoid over scraping the peel and accidentally incorporating the pith or white part as it’s bitter).

⁃ Lemon juice is another great way to naturally flavor baked goods but can water down the dough making it goopy. It’s also important to use freshly squeezed lemon juice (when you can) rather than pre-bottled juice, which typically contains preservatives and has oxidized.

⁃ Lemon extract is the most potent but can also be off putting and synthetic tasting if used in large quantities. Each extract flavor varies based on its production so finding a quality extract is key (we like Nielsen-Massey and McCormick).

To ensure we created a dough with a delicious texture and a natural lemon flavor, we ended up incorporating all three options (the majority of the flavor comes from zest and juice with a splash of extract). The addition of our homemade lemon curd tips the flavor over the edge and really balances out the sweetness of the white chocolate chips. When utilizing lemon we tend to prefer incorporating white chocolate because a sour fruit needs something overtly sweet to act as a counterbalance. We hope you’ll love it and maybe try your hand at experimenting with your own flavors! If you do, feel free to reach out and let us know how delicious it turned out - we love hearing from you. Our door is always open for you - Welcome Home.

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